Clamshell Fiberglas Shipping Cases on Wheels

We have a selection of slightly used cases for transporting equipment including, lab, musical, lighting, electronics, stage props, trade shows, displays, 3-D artwork, high-tech equipment, television, video and film gear and medical and computer devices and ALMOST ANY ASSORTMENT of items that needs protection during transportation. MOST IMPORTANT is that you take measurements of the equipment or cargo that you are trying to protect and then CALL TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO VISIT OUR WAREHOUSE where you can examine the current inventory to see if these cases would work for you. Cases may be configured horizontally or vertically with or without wheels. They are stackable and can be moved with a pallet jack instead of permanently affixed wheels if you choose.  All cases are lined in solid foam to protect the cargo and this foam may be reconfigured to fix your specific equipment dimensions.  Discounts may apply when more than one case is purchased.  

1. White fiberglas ® clamshell design with aluminum hardware. Some units have casters, others have skids attached for pallet jacks. Most have firm foam lining, others are bare. ALL INTERIORS CAN BE ADAPTED TO FIT YOUR GEAR. Stackable, lockable and prices are between $165.00 and $150.00 per unit depending on features.. 35" tall X 26.5" square. ONLY 4 REMAIN!  And each case can be configured vertically or horizontally.

You may make an appointment to view the cases at our warehousein the Near North Loop warehouse district.  You can pick up the cases there or if you purchase all 4 at one time, we will deliver them to a location in and around the metro area.  *Call for details.

Listing Type: Available - For Sale
Category: Shipping and Packaging Material
Packaging: None/Loose
Quantity: 4
Frequency: One Time
Asking Price: $165.00 each
Hazardous: No
Will Transport: No
Posted: July 7, 2017, 3:40 pm
Street Address/Apt: 300 6th Avenue N
City: Minneapolis
County: Hennepin
Zip Code: 55406

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Clamshell Fiberglas Shipping Cases on WheelsClamshell Fiberglas Shipping Cases on WheelsClamshell Fiberglas Shipping Cases on Wheels