New Price! Misc. (primarily digital) Telephone Equip, to refurb

As listed below. Equipment is untested and needs light refurbishment prior to resale. Recent eBay sales (7/7/17 analysis) would suggest realizing $3,000 plus should be possible. I do not have room to inventory. There are additional loose items such as phone bases and pads of fillers used to indicate how lines are programed. 15 banker's boxes. Can deliver within Twin Cities Metro area if needed.


Lucent MLS Series

  • Qty 22: MLX-10DP
  • Qty 2: MLX-20L

NEC D-Term 80s

  • Qty 4: DCR-60-1 (BK), ATTENDANT ADD-ON
  • Qty 7: DTH-16D-2 (BK)
  • Qty 56: DTU-16D-2 (BK)
  • Qty 4: DTU-32D-2 (BK)

Panasonic EasaPhone KX-T2365

  • Qty 1

Plantronics & Lucent Miscellaneous

  • Qty 1: Plant. Lifter, Pt 45407-01
  • Qty 8: P. Headsets (Monaural, overhead, single earpiece, pipe mouthpiece)
  • Qty 1: P. Headset (Monaural, overhead, single earpiece, mic mouthpiece)
  • Qty 10: Plantronics QD to telephone cable (curly, 3 ft)
  • Qty 10: Lucent KS23822-L12 Headset Base/Amplifier
  • Qty 1: Plantronics Vista M12 Headset Base/Amplifier
  • Qty 1: Black handset
  • Qty 1: GE 29869GE-2 Answering machine w/power supply

Qwest Intellistation Phone

  • Qty 2

Telrad Avanti Items

  • 2 - Telrad Avanti 3000 w/coil & straight cables
  • Misc. parts/manuals:2 - Telrad Avanti 3015/3000 set User Guide (v1)
  • 2 - Telrad Riser (P/N 79-610-0202) attached to phones
  • 1 - Telrad Avanti 3025 set User Guide (Issue 1)
  • 3 - Telrad Avanti 3020/3015D set User Guide (Issue 1)

Toshiba Strata VIe KSU

  • Includes power supply (HPSU 7120), VCCU5 System Processor card, v.3, VMAU5 v.3
Listing Type: Available - For Sale
Category: Computers and Office Equipment
Packaging: Small Jug, Bucket or Bottle
Quantity: 17
Frequency: One Time
Asking Price: $525.00 (negotiable)
Hazardous: No
Will Transport: Yes
Posted: July 8, 2017, 5:39 pm

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New Price! Misc. (primarily digital) Telephone Equip, to refurbNew Price! Misc. (primarily digital) Telephone Equip, to refurbNew Price! Misc. (primarily digital) Telephone Equip, to refurb