MnTAP Services

Services Provided by MnTAP:

Site Visits

When answering waste and energy questions at your facility requires more than a quick answer, you may benefit from a site visit. Site visits allow MnTAP staff members to gain a better understanding of your facility's processes in order to identify strategies for improving efficiency and reducing waste and energy.

Intern Program

The intern program pairs your facility with a college student who can research and recommend energy efficiency and pollution prevention solutions. MnTAP recruits, hires, and pays the interns who work full-time for 13 weeks. Interns gain hands-on experience while helping you reduce waste and conserve resources.

Internal Team Facilitation

Engaging your staff in pollution prevention and energy efficiency teams may be beneficial to your facility. MnTAP can help you develop an internal team and facilitate discussions and meetings to help you investigate your facility's waste-related or energy-related issues.

Environmental Planning

MnTAP can help walk your facility through the process for pollution prevention planning, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) integration, and ISO certification. We can assist in your facility's project planning for expansions, relocations, new product lines and process upgrades. MnTAP staff members can help you set goals, plan projects, and implement changes in your facility that increase efficiency and reduce waste and energy.

Materials Exchange

The Materials Exchange program is a free service that links organizations that have reusable goods they no longer need with those who can use them. This reuse network helps prevent usable materials from becoming waste and saves you money.