About Us

The Materials Exchange is a website that links organizations that have reusable goods they no longer need to those who can use them. This free reuse network helps prevent usable materials from becoming waste and saves users money.

The Minnesota Materials Exchange program has been coordinated by the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP)(www.mntap.umn.edu) since 1990. MnTAP, a nonregulatory program that helps businesses reduce waste and save energy, is funded primarily by a pass-through grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Prevention and Assistance Division to the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Sciences. In 2011, MnTAP and the University of Minnesota ReUse Program(http://www.facm.umn.edu/about/central-services/reuse/) formed a partnership to create an exchange within an exchange. The exchange within an exchange is designed to allow University departments to exchange materials within the University. Items not exchanged within the University may then be offered on the public Materials Exchange site.