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Utility Poles Wood

We have power line poles that are taken out of the field for various reasons.  They work great for Yard lights, fence posts, etc.  Poles are treated with arsenic, creosote and pentachlorophenol which cannot be burned.  Must take pole as is, we will load it for you.

Listing Type: Available - For Sale
Category: Building and Construction Material
Packaging: None/Loose
Quantity: 30
Frequency: Continuous: Available every 30 Days
Asking Price: FREE!
Hazardous: Yes
Will Transport: No
Posted: June 18, 2018, 6:39 am
Renewed On: December 9, 2019, 6:01 am
Street Address/Apt: 20946 549th Ave
City: Mankato
County: Blue Earth
Zip Code: 56001

Views: 2754

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Utility Poles Wood