Gaylord containers

Like-new (one trip) clean gaylord boxes, used to transport foodservice materials

40x48 pallet sized footprint, 36 inch depth.  Fully-closing flaps on one end. Triple walled construction.


Approximately 300 on hand at time of posting, with more arriving weekly.
I have these banded in stacks of 30 for ease of storage, but can accommodate whatever quantity you seek.
I also have a few octagonal gaylords, generally with thinner walls and ventilation holes. Asking $10/ea for those.

Located about five miles west of St. Joseph, MN.

Listing Type: Available - For Sale
Category: Shipping and Packaging Material
Packaging: Palletized
Quantity: 300
Frequency: Continuous: Available every 7 Days
Asking Price: $15.00 each
Hazardous: No
Will Transport: No
Posted: March 19, 2021, 1:05 pm
Street Address/Apt: 14715 County Road 51
City: Saint Joseph
County: Stearns
Zip Code: 56374

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Gaylord containersGaylord containers