Organization Profile

Asian Media Access

Multimedia Production
Incorporated in August 1992, Asian Media Access, Inc. (AMA) is a comprehensive, multimedia based, community advocacy agency. AMA is dedicated to using multimedia arts and technology as tools for social betterment. AMA recognizes that multimedia and technology are essential for advocacy, communication and education, in order to mobilize communities, and young people; to engage in understanding and communicating of Pan Asian issues; and to arrive at a participatory decision making process for a safe, supportive environment for all.

As multimedia is defined by the Oxford Dictionary – “using more than one medium of expression or communication including film, dance, video, audio, design, drama, acrobatics, and stage effects”. By effectively utilizing these different tools, AMA creates as well as presents programs that educate and enrich the communities. We believe the multimedia arts and information technology empower all of us with critical thinking and promote good citizenship—especially important as we prepare young people to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our thought-provoking multimedia education, productions, exhibitions, stage performances, resourceful educational products and youth programs encourage deep reflection, challenge previous assumptions, provide solace, and allow participants to develop their own way of connection in timeless works of creation, communication and community building.
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